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Phoenix Wellness Clinic has been established to assist in treating patients with opioid use disorder. In other words, anyone who has a valid BC health card and who has struggled with their use of heroin, morphine, fentanyl, oxycodone or any form of opioid will be accepted if they wish to go onto opioid agonist therapy with either suboxone or methadone.

Our goal is to treat both the craving and the behavioral element associated with opioid use. Dependence on other substances being abused in conjunction with opioids are also to be addressed in our recovery program. We are not however at this time treating addictions to stimulants or alcohol as individual disorders as these addictions are addressed by other programs.

Phoenix Wellness Clinic is unique in its approach to polysubstance addictions. My staff include a counsellor/outreach worker who is able to connect patients to numerous programs such as support groups, resources for housing, employment and community support services. A clinical psychologist will also help to design and run ongoing recovery programs. These programs will include seminars, recovery meetings and individual counselling.

A priority with all of our patients is the diagnosis and treatment of all mental health diagnoses. This concurrent treatment of mental health illness is essential to helping patients achieve the best chance of returning to a more normal life as their drug use declines. I will be involved in this in conjunction with Duncan Mental Health.

I will also be a family physician for patients who do not have one. For patients who have a family physician I will notify them of patient enrolment at Phoenix and update their family physicians under whose care they remain of the progress of their patients while in the program.

I am also experienced in and currently treat any patients with hepatitis C. I also have additional experience in chronic non-cancer pain. Thus patients with a combination of opioid use disorder and chronic pain can be treated here too.


Dr. Paul Harris

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